OGG yeah you know me!

OGG yeah you know me!
August 5, 2016 kassie@blissdesigns.ca

FINALLY!!!!! It’s been three long years but we have finally booked a trip back to Hawaii.

I’m sure you all know how much I love Hawaii!

As much as I was wanting to visit Kauai, unfortunately Westjet doesn’t fly there direct from YVR in October so we have decided to go back to Maui (OGG) again. Not that there is anything wrong with Maui!

It’s extra exciting this time as Savi (our daughter) will be coming with us making this a completely different type of vaca, but a wicked one! I’m pumped to show her around the island and have her take in the Aloha life I love so much.

She will be turning two while we are down there and would love to hear any recommendations you all have on places to take her for her birthday.

This will also be the first time flying for her, any suggestions on things to bring on the plane? This part makes me anxious. I myself am terrified to fly, so hopefully keeping her occupied will make it easier for me as well!

We will be staying at the Honua Kai Resort & Spa.  We have been there before and loved it, so why not go back right? Anyone that has stayed there will know what I mean when I say…Dukes is the best!!!

I’ve already been informed to bring back mango gummy bears and chocolate covered macadamia nuts of course. How did I not know about these gummies?!? Can’t wait to try them!

The countdown is on…tick tock tick…


Photo Credit: Klutch Photography


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